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Forensic examination reveals the mystery of “tiny aliens” discovered in Peru

Modern synthetic glue was used to make the mysterious figures

The mystery of two so-called aliens, which are said to be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life and were seized by Peruvian customs officials in October, is finally solved by forensic experts.

Modern synthetic glue was used to make the mysterious figures

Two objects, each about a foot (30 cm) long and shaped like small gray humanoids with three fingers on each hand, took the world by storm in October, with many claiming they were the corpses of two aliens.

According to the Daily Mail, the mysterious remains were seized by Peruvian border guards from a shipment bound for Mexico and were later sent to scientists for examination by Peruvian prosecutors.

But forensic analysis has now shown that the objects were in fact made from paper, glue, metal and human and animal bones.

Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who led the analysis, said claims that the two objects were of extraterrestrial origin were “completely false”: “The conclusion is simple: these are dolls assembled from the bones of animals from this planet using modern synthetic adhesives therefore they were not made in pre-Hispanic times. They are not aliens; they are not aliens.”

Scientists told reporters that three-fingered hands were “very bad” designed and assembled from human bones, while the rest of the dolls' bodies were constructed from the bones of dogs, birds and other animals.

The Peruvian prosecutor's office has not yet found out who owns the dolls, the Daily Mail notes. Officials said only that the intended recipient of the dolls was a Mexican national, but did not name any names. 

Mexican Congress became the subject of ridicule last year after UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan made several calls to court to prove that the mummified remains are of extraterrestrial origin, recalls the Daily Mail.

In November, Maussan brought in a team of researchers who conducted a DNA analysis of the figurines, which showed that 30 percent “do not belong to any known species,” and declared that the figurines were “genuine.” and consist of one skeleton.

"This is the first time that extraterrestrial life has been presented in this way, – Maussan told the Mexican Congress. – We have a clear example of non-human specimens not associated with any known species on our planet. The public has a right to know about non-human technologies and creatures. This reality unites humanity, not divides us. We are not alone in this vast Universe; we must accept this truth.”

Maussan added that the two corpses have strong bones, are toothless and contain implants made of the soft silver-white metal cadmium and the bluish-white metal osmium– rare elements on Earth.

The figures were carbon-dated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which determined the bodies had three-fingered hands, were missing teeth and were more than 1,000 years old, Maussan said.< /p>

"These specimens are not part of our earthly evolution […] These are not creatures that were found after the UFO crash, – Maussan told Congress in September. – They were found in diatom mines and later fossilized.”

He later added: “Whether they were aliens or not, we don't know, but they were intelligent and lived with us. They must rewrite history. We are not alone in this vast Universe; we must accept this reality.”


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