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In Nalchik, ex-officials were suspected of a 52 million ruble scam

NALCHIK, January 16 The investigation suspected former officials of the Nalchik Road Department of abuse of power and official forgery with damages of more than 50 million rubles, reported the SUSK for the region.
“According to the investigation, in April 2023, the acting head of the MKU Department of Road Facilities and Improvement of the Nalchik Administration, in order to create property benefits in the interests of an affiliated legal entity, organized the conclusion of a municipal contract for the repair of the road network worth 52 million rubles between Dorremstroy LLC “as a contractor and New Roads LLC as a subcontractor,” the release says.

On the instructions of the head of the department, his subordinate, the chief specialist of the department, knowing that the work had not been completed in full, produced and signed false documents with inflated volumes and costs of work.

“Based on forged documents, budget funds in the amount of 52 million rubles were unjustifiably transferred to the Dorremstroy bank account,” the department clarifies.
A criminal case has been initiated against the ex-officials under the articles “Exceeding official powers causing grave consequences” and “Forgery of official duties” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the sanctions of which provide for up to ten years in prison.


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