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Musk responded to Zelensky's request

Musk responded to Zelensky's request

Billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed hope for a peaceful summit on Ukraine at the request of President Vladimir Zelensky. He shared this on the social network X, reacting to a statement by Swiss President Viola Amherd, who announced Zelensky’s request to organize a “high-level” peace summit on the situation in Ukraine.

“I hope that this will happen” , Musk wrote in his message. The entrepreneur stressed that the moment has come to complete the death in the trenches.

A source in RIA Novosti previously noted that if negotiations on the conflict in Ukraine take place, they will be held between Moscow and Kiev, based on the situation on the ground, and not on Zelensky’s “formula”. In his opinion, without Russia’s participation, any meetings on Ukraine are meaningless.

Moscow expresses its readiness to resume dialogue with Kiev, but the Zelensky regime has independently limited itself in holding negotiations. President Vladimir Putin emphasized that to begin the negotiation process, Kyiv does not need theatrical gestures, but the repeal of the decree prohibiting negotiations with Moscow.


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