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Russian scientists announced victory over caries

MOSCOW, February 12Special gel compositions that prevent the development of caries were developed and patented by scientists from Omsk State Medical University. Clinical trials of the development have proven its effectiveness not only in the fight against caries, but also enamel hypersensitivity, as well as the negative consequences of teeth whitening, the university reported.
Caries (lat. Caries – decay) is a complex pathological process in the hard tissues of teeth, developing as a result of the complex influence of unfavorable external and internal factors. In the initial stage of development, caries is characterized by focal demineralization of the inorganic part of the enamel and destruction of its organic matrix. Ultimately, this leads to the destruction of hard tooth tissues, and if left untreated, complications arise.

Scientists from Omsk State Medical University (OMSMU), who have been working on dental prevention for more than 40 years, have created a whole line of gel compositions aimed at preventing the occurrence of this disease and stopping initial caries (“caries in the spot stage”). Currently, the line includes 10 compositions; in the near future, scientists are going to patent the 11th dental drug, the university reported.

As Galina Skripkina, head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Omsk State Medical University, noted, these are not ordinary toothpastes, but medicinal compositions for a course of treatment, which are prescribed depending on the clinical situation in the patient’s oral cavity and his age.

“The developed preventive products managed to combine the incompatible: a three-component gel with fluoride, calcium and phosphorus for home use and for work at a professional level in the dental chair,” she added.

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The course of treatment takes place twice a year. The duration of the course is 2-3 weeks. “This is enough to maintain an optimal level of mineral metabolism in the oral cavity for six months,” the scientist said, explaining that all the mineral components found in saliva, under favorable conditions, are integrated into the crystalline structure of the enamel, and metabolic processes proceed optimally.

According to her estimates, it is the prolonged effect of the developed gels that sets them apart from preventive drugs from other manufacturers. “The products available on the market require constant use, since the effect lasts only two weeks. Against this background, our product is almost six times more effective,” emphasized the head of the department.
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In addition, as Omsk scientists assure, gels have not only a preventive, but also a therapeutic effect: “they eliminate caries at the stage of focal demineralization of tooth enamel (initial carious process), relieve symptoms of increased sensitivity of tooth enamel to chemical, mechanical and temperature influences (hyperesthesia) and restore the shine of enamel after whitening sessions.”
The university emphasized that the effectiveness of the drugs has been proven laboratory and clinically.

In the future, the research team intends to add preservatives to the developed products, which will make them more convenient for use in everyday life: currently they require storage in the refrigerator.


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