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The psychopath from Elista who blew up the Russian Guard filled the entire house with explosives: it is impossible to clear the mines

28-year-old schizophrenic did not forgive the psychologist for doubting her qualifications

On the festive evening of Tsagan Sar (Lunar New Year), which is celebrated throughout Kalmykia, an inadequate 28-year-old man created a nightmare in Elista. At 20:00 in the evening, he activated the “suicide belt” in the Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Social Assistance, which was located on the first floor of a residential building. As a result, he not only died, but also seriously injured a female psychologist and her husband. The entrance to the damaged house had to be urgently evacuated. And already at two o'clock in the morning explosions sounded in the house of the bomber himself. While leaving “to go to work,” he mined his home. Employees of the Russian Guard who arrived at the address with searches were injured.

A 28-year-old schizophrenic did not forgive the psychologist for doubting her qualifications Photo: RF IC

Now the investigation is piece by piece reconstructing the events of Saturday evening. And he comes to disappointing conclusions: a person with schizophrenia and split personality, registered at a psychoneurological dispensary, lived alone for many years, without supervision or supervision. A native of Elista, 28-year-old Sergei Danilov was left alone after the death of his mother in 2019. His father left the city a long time ago and lives in the Rostov region. Sergei’s grandmother lives in Elista, in another area, but she does not maintain a relationship with her grandson. The young man lived alone in a private house, had no friends, and was not on social networks. And he worked part-time by repairing office equipment and setting up the Internet.

Some time ago, Sergei decided to seek psychological help from 39-year-old psychologist Namdzhil Yamanova. Unlike Sergei, Namjil is a positive, active woman, constantly improving her skills and education. During her career, she was a school psychologist, a specialist in the youth policy committee, and the head of psychological services at the Family center. At the Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance, she not only worked as a psychologist, but was also the deputy director. But she could not help Sergei for one simple reason. After the first session, the young man began to show interest in Namjil not at all as a doctor. After the incident, the injured woman reported that Danilov tried to look after her. But Namjil has a good, strong family. Husband and three children. She asked Sergei to stay within limits and, moreover, said that she did not have enough qualifications to help him. We need a psychiatrist here. After that conversation, apparently, Sergei began to hatch insidious plans.

As it now turns out, he prepared carefully. For his plan, he chose explosives from components that are not used for military purposes, but are quite “mobile and dangerous.” From the hellish mixture, he assembled a “suicide belt”; he ran the wires under his clothes, securing them to his toes. When leaving home, I made several booby traps. There were no stretch marks in the house, as previously assumed. But many cunning tricks were arranged, as a result of which the entire house could fly up into the air. The explosives at the entrance, which the Russian Guards who came to the house to search ran into, were “flowers.” Although she also caused serious injuries to law enforcement officers. And this despite the fact that they were in full combat protection. After the specialists were injured, a robot was launched into the house. He discovered traps in the form of a bottle near the computer, the contents of which can explain a lot to investigators. And also in the kitchen in a saucepan. Moreover, all this is almost impossible to clear.

That is, it is clear that Sergei did not plan to return to the house. Therefore, there was no talk of some kind of spontaneous quarrel. Danilov purposefully went to “deal” with Namjil. And he drove towards the end of the working day, so that no one would interfere with his plans. I called a taxi and drove to the Psychological Assistance Center. What happened inside will become clear when Namjil is able to speak after the operation. According to preliminary data, Sergei again began to seek reciprocity. Namjil ran out to call her husband for help. And when German Yamanov entered the office, the inadequate man activated the “suicide belt.” There is little left of Sergei himself. But both Namjil and Herman suffered greatly. They have multiple shrapnel wounds, mostly to their heads. It is not yet known whether Herman will be able to maintain his sight. Namjil will need major plastic surgery. But the main thing is that they are alive, and the doctors have a positive scenario about their health.

“Periodically, a person needs to feel like a victim,” Namjil once wrote in her psychological research. It is unlikely that she meant such a literal, harsh manifestation. It was more about psychological training. No one thought that on her way she would come across not just a person with problems, but a real sick psycho, left without the supervision of psychiatrists.


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