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Consul General: Türkiye does not stoop to obscurantism with the abolition of Russian culture

ISTANBUL, February 10 Russian cultural heritage is known and loved in Turkey, in this country they do not stoop to obscurantism with attempts to “cancel” Russian culture, said in interview with the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul Andrey Buravov.
“As for attempts to “cancel” Russian, Russian culture and counteraction to them by all sensible representatives of the international community, Turkey is no exception. In this country they know and love classical Russian music, literature and do not stoop to the medieval obscurantism inherent in the behavior of the authorities in Washington, Brussels and other “civilized” Western capitals,” Buravov said.

As an example, the diplomat cited the premiere of the play staged by Turkish playwright Kemal Bashar based on the play “My Poor Marat” by Soviet playwright Arbuzov. “I was pleased to watch the premiere performance of this production on the stage of one of the local drama theaters, released under the title “I Promise.” The deep symbolism of this event lay in the fact that the play was released on the eve of two significant dates in the tragic history of besieged Leningrad, which is the background, in which the action takes place in the mentioned play: on January 18 and January 27, respectively, we celebrated the anniversaries of the partial and complete breaking of the blockade,” the diplomat said.

“In this sense, the initiative of the Turkish playwright only confirms what was said above and finds a grateful response in our hearts,” Buravov emphasized.
The director of the Istanbul theater studio Tiyatro Keyfi, Kemal Bashar, previously stated that attempts by Western countries to “cancel” Russian culture are primitive and limit the freedom to tell other people about their culture. According to him, after the tour with the production of Arbuzov’s play, he plans to turn to the legacy of Anton Chekhov, in particular, to “The Seagull”.
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