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“This is a disaster”: Nikita Vysotsky spoke about criticism of Alla Pugacheva

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MOSCOW, February 12 Actor and director Nikita Vysotsky, in a recent episode of the YouTube show “Empathy Manuchi” with Vyacheslav Manucharov, spoke about criticism of singer Alla Pugacheva, as well as her emigration abroad.

"She is an unusually gifted person, and has done a lot for people to make their souls feel better. And when someone says: “Fuck her,” I want to say: “Go and look in the mirror right now.” “I think this is a tragedy, this is a misfortune,” the filmmaker shared his opinion.

However, speaking about the emigration of the celebrity, the son of Vladimir Vysotsky hinted that she had made a big mistake.


“I believe that any person, if he really loves his country, has no choice – he is with his people,” said Nikita Vysotsky. – If a person chooses: “And I will be with another people, I am a cosmopolitan, I will live in another country and tell you what pigs you are,” this is his choice. But he is wrong, and he will pay for this mistake. But I'm not going to judge these people. I'm staying here.”

In 2022, Alla Pugacheva, along with her children and husband Maxim Galkin*, moved to Israel after the comedian publicly condemned the special operation (at the same time, the Ministry of Justice included the showman in the register of foreign agents. – Ed.).

And although the artist did not publicly voice her position, but only followed her foreign agent husband, her compatriots began to criticize her for emigrating from Russia.

The performer of the hits “A Million Scarlet Roses”, “Iceberg” and many others several times recorded appeals addressed to ill-wishers. In them, she claimed that listeners would not turn away from her. “My multi-million army of fans will not betray me!” the singer wrote on her page on the social network.

Despite this, Pugacheva continues to live abroad. During her departure, she made short visits to Russia several times, including to say goodbye to fashion designers Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin.

The last time Pugacheva came to her homeland was last fall.

The source then reported that the artist flew to Russia on November 2 through Pskov, and stayed in the country for about three days.
Later, the founder of the Tver recording studio “Salam”, sound engineer Igor Laletin, reported that Pugacheva recorded three songs for personal use in the studio “Salam” on November 3. She also asked to send her the vocals, but he doesn’t know where he will finish the compositions.
* An individual performing the functions of a foreign agent in Russia.


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