GENERICO.ruPoliticsExplosions occurred in Lviv

Explosions occurred in Lviv

New explosions occurred in Lviv

New explosions occurred in Lviv Midjourney

The publication “Public. News” reported on new explosions in Lviv, which occurred shortly after previous incidents in the city.

Maxim Kozitsky, head of the Lviv region, called on local residents not to record the events in photos and videos. In his telegram channel, he wrote: “Lvov. Very loud. We don’t film anything. We don’t publish anything. The air defense system is in operation.”

Currently, an air raid alert has been declared throughout Ukraine due to… for reports of explosions in Dnieper (formerly Dnepropetrovsk), Kiev, Kiev and Khmelnitsky regions, as well as in the city of Zaporozhye, which is under the control of the Ukrainian authorities.


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