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Production of Lada cars may start in Azerbaijan

AVTOVAZ continues to negotiate on the possible start of large-scale assembly of Russian brand cars at a production site in a neighboring country.

Now AVTOVAZ produces only Lada brand cars; in Russia, production continues at the plant in Togliatti, Lada Granta, Vesta, Niva Travel and Niva Legend roll off its assembly line. This year, the company plans to restart the enterprise in Izhevsk, where the production of Largus station wagons and vans (both with internal combustion engines and with all-electric “filling”) should be launched. In the future, the manufacturer intends to expand the line of models of the Russian brand.

AVTOVAZ continues to think about organizing the production of Lada brand cars abroad. Now it has become known that relevant negotiations are underway with Azerbaijan: TASS reports this with reference to the current president of the company, Maxim Sokolov. He explained that information on this issue will most likely appear in the spring.

According to the head of the company, the AVTOVAZ delegation is now in Azerbaijan. Maxim Sokolov noted that representatives are “looking at the production capacities” of future partners. We are talking about organizing large-scale assembly of Lada cars at a local plant. He has not yet said who exactly acts as potential partners.

Let us recall that at the end of last year it became known that AVTOVAZ plans to assemble Lada cars in Iran. Then it was reported that at the initial stage the Russian manufacturer was going to organize the supply of cars, and later – to establish local production of brand models. Negotiations with a potential Iranian partner are currently ongoing.

The head of AVTOVAZ noted that there is dynamics in the ongoing negotiations. He explained that it was possible to achieve operational decisions on certification of products of the Russian brand “and other regulatory measures to regulate the Iranian car market,” which will “accelerate the export project.” It is expected that Lada deliveries to this market will begin this year.

Meanwhile, AVTOVAZ does not forget about development in the home market. During a press conference last month dedicated to the results of 2023 and the company’s plans for the next few years, it became known about the timing of the appearance of new Lada products. So, this year the Vesta range will be expanded with a version with a 1.8 Evo engine, which is paired with an automatic transmission.

In addition, the start of production of the “stretched” Vesta is planned for 2024 – version of the sedan, which received its own name – Lada Aura. The Lada Niva Sport version (based on the “classic” SUV with the addition of Legend) should appear this year.

The start of production of cars of the new Lada Iskra family is planned for the beginning of 2025. It is expected that in the future these cars will replace Grants. Later, AVTOVAZ will implement another previously announced project, we are talking about the production of a crossover in the B segment on the Vesta platform.


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