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The Cybertruck's stainless steel body is already rusting, owners are asked not to panic

It seems that owners of the Tesla Cybertruck miracle pickup will have to pay more attention to its cleanliness than owners of traditional cars with paintwork: naked The stainless steel body is still susceptible to corrosion; its first outbreaks are recommended to be eliminated immediately.

Tesla handed over the first production samples of the Cybertruck to customers at the end of autumn last year and since then has been slowly increasing production volumes of this model, for which about two million applications have been collected. One of the unique features of the Cybertruck is its stainless steel body, which can withstand shots from small arms fire. There is no body paint; all pickups left the factory have a natural matte silver color, but the list of options includes protective vinyl film, it costs from $5,000 to $6,500 depending on the color.

Tesla Cybertruck in factory black protective film

Many Cybertruck owners thought that since its body is made of stainless steel, then it doesn’t matter – it will last almost forever, unless the car gets into a serious accident. In the future, Tesla even promises a special swimming mode for the Cybertruck, which only strengthens confidence in the corrosion resistance of its body. Meanwhile, in early February, some pickup truck owners sounded the alarm after discovering small spots of corrosion on the body.

Spot spots corrosion on the body of a Tesla Cybertruck, published on the forum

Tesla, after customer requests, admitted that the stability of the Cybertruck body is not unlimited, and that if stains are found, the body must be thoroughly polished, only then will it last a long time. Moreover, in the electronic operating instructions for the pickup truck, Tesla recommends immediately removing stains of grease, oil, bitumen, road salt and traces of other industrial residues, as well as dead insects and tree resin found on the body.

Owners write that stains can appear on the body even just after rain on a parked car. One explanation for this unpleasant phenomenon may be the presence of metal particles in sediments or water suspension above the road (for example, from railway tracks), which, when in contact with the body, cause electrochemical corrosion. However, even the problems provided by the manufacturer, such as insects and salt, are all too common on the roads and can turn car maintenance into a constant headache, so it’s better to shell out for the factory film or an alternative protective coating.
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