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Macron and Zelensky signed a bilateral security agreement

PARIS, 16 Feb French President Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Zelensky At a meeting in Paris, a bilateral agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine was signed, broadcast on the official account of the Elysee Palace on the social network X.

“This is a sign of our determination to support Ukraine in the long term,” Macron said at the press conference. conference.

According to the French President, the agreement specifies the commitments made in the G7 format on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Vilnius in July 2023. He added that the document was signed for ten years and will be valid until Ukraine joins the North Atlantic Alliance. The agreement also includes the allocation of three billion euros of military aid to Kyiv in 2024, Macron specified.

The agreement concerns the transfer to Ukraine of modern equipment compatible with weapons supplied by NATO. It also means training Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and strengthening the defense industry of Ukraine. We are talking about joint production of weapons with French companies.
Zelensky’s visit to Paris was already the third after the start of the Russian special operation. Macron himself was going to come to Kyiv this week, but “for security reasons” they decided to postpone the trip.

Earlier on Friday, the President of Ukraine arrived in Berlin. Together with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, they signed an agreement on security cooperation.

At the NATO summit in Vilnius in July 2023, the G7 countries published a declaration in support of Kyiv. But the security commitments mentioned in it do not provide for specific implementation deadlines, just like previous promises regarding Ukrainian membership in the alliance. Kiev hopes that “security guarantees” will be operational before the NATO summit in Washington in 2024.
As the Financial Times reported, “security guarantees” for Ukraine could be formalized as bilateral agreements with France, Germany, the USA and several others countries about long-term financing, military supplies, training of soldiers.
At the end of August 2023, commenting on negotiations on “security guarantees” for Kiev, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the essence of this process is unclear, it does not mention concerns Moscow, and without its participation the solution to such issues will be one-sided.


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