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Figure skater Aliyev's coach: raising kids to be patriots

MAGNITOGORSK, February 17, Vlad Zhukov. Coach of the European champion 2020 of the year in figure skating, Dmitry Aliyev, Evgeny Rukavitsyn, said that his students have no problems with motivation, he educates athletes in the spirit of patriotism.
The day before, Aliyev, having unsuccessfully performed in the short program at the All-Russian Winter Spartakiad, admitted that he did not feel the drive in the absence international starts, using a rude expression, which he asked not to publish.
“”There are a lot of decent and rational people among you. I have great respect for your profession, but let me comment on yesterday. I know that Dima is a very emotional person, frank, loving. And I will speak frankly – perhaps yesterday everyone was not delighted with the phrase he said. But there was a request – not to print. It was ignored. Perhaps there was a moment when I had to say it. To some extent, there was disappointment. Only we are to blame for that box office, period. But we don’t have problems with motivation, I want to confirm this. I raise the children in the spirit of patriotism,” Rukavitsyn told reporters.
“We lived through a difficult night yesterday. I have a lot to say, but I try to remain silent… So, yesterday Dima allowed ourselves to be frank about ourselves. Not about the world and European championships. At the Russian championships, when the selection for the main competitions is underway, there is a ringing and crackling sound of tension. Athletes take from this tension a particle of adrenaline, an amplifier. This gives the effect of a bomb exploding. There is a splash, and the person performs an over-roll. Dima said yesterday that he was waiting for this outburst, but it didn’t happen. We are happy to ride here, happy. We didn’t even discuss options for changing citizenship. That's funny! We are patriots, we skate for Russia and in Russia,” the coach emphasized.

On Saturday, Aliyev scored 193.79 points for the free program, the skater is first at the moment when there are five participants left to perform before the end of the competition “I will dedicate today’s performance to the cohort of your colleagues who organized this,” Rukavitsyn addressed reporters.


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