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A case was opened against an artist from St. Petersburg for insulting the feelings of believers due to tattoos with religious symbols

In St. Petersburg, a criminal case was opened against artist and tattoo parlor owner Daria Krichker for tattoos with religious symbols. This was reported by OVD-Info with reference to the girl’s husband.

Krichker is charged with insulting the religious feelings of believers (Part 1 of Article 148 of the Criminal Code). On February 17, she was detained at Pulkovo airport while trying to fly to Armenia. As reported by 78.RU, the detainee was given a recognizance not to leave the place as a preventive measure.

The case was opened after a denunciation by the Orthodox activist movement “Sorok Sorokov”. Shortly before this, the director of the “human rights center” of the movement, Grigory Soldatov, wrote to another St. Petersburg woman, Nina Karmysh, who works with Krichker, and demanded that she remove photographs of tattoos with religious paraphernalia from Instagram – in particular, an image of a cross with cats made by the girl.

The Petersburg woman responded by asking “not to be offended.” “If kittens offend your sense of faith, then I have doubts about its strength,” she added. Later it became known that Karmysh left for Belarus, and the participants of “Forty Forty” learned about Krichker’s works and her account.

Krichker herself eventually deleted some of the works on her Instagram, as supporters of “Forty Forty” drew attention to. . “Daria, you haven’t deleted all the blasphemies on Instagram. You don’t have to try too hard, they are all recorded in the inspection protocol,” the publication said.

Baza writes that the tattoo “Jesus at the moment of orgasm” primarily raised questions from the security forces. At the same time, “Forty Magpies” in their Telegram channel complained about other images on Krichker’s Instagram – in particular, the image of Christ with an anime girl sitting on his lap, and icons with cats. In their publications, representatives of the movement also call the person involved in the case a Satanist.

Updated at 17:30. Information has been added about the appeal of the representative of “Forty Forties” to Krichker’s colleague Nina Karmysh.


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