GENERICO.ruPoliticsFrom Avdeevka to space: what signals does the report to Shoigu Putin convey to the West?

From Avdeevka to space: what signals does the report to Shoigu Putin convey to the West?

The offensive will continue, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been asked to surrender

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the President in an expanded format on the situation in the Northern Military District zone after the liberation of Avdiivka. But the communication between the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of War did not end there. The President made it clear that he was closely monitoring not only what was happening at the front, but also the military-political movements in Washington. At least several of GDP's loud statements were clearly addressed to the political leaders of the elderly 46th President of the United States.

The offensive will continue, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been asked to surrender

What caught your eye when the president communicated with the defense minister? First of all, the Supreme’s deep immersion into the military situation in the special operation zone. It turns out that Putin did not sleep the entire night of February 17, but received reports from the military about the situation in Avdievka.

The President several times referred to personal conversations with the generals who command groupings of troops. And he called them by their first and patronymic names. For example, “Andrey Nikolaevich” or “Mikhail Yurievich.”

Colonel General Andrei Nikolaevich Mordvichev commands the “Center” group of troops, which liberated Avdeevka. And Colonel General Mikhail Yuryevich Teplinsky commands the troops in the Kherson direction. In his area of ​​responsibility are precisely those same ill-fated Krynki, which have finally been practically cleared of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On this piece of land, the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces placed 3,500 of its soldiers.

Putin returned several times to the topic of the senseless losses that Kyiv is suffering so that the West will continue to provide money and weapons. The GDP also asked the Minister of Defense to create all conditions so that all willing enemy soldiers could surrender without fear. It seems that the Russian president is much more concerned about the fate of the Ukrainian military than Zelensky.

What new did the Minister of Defense say? Firstly, the movement of Russian troops to the west after the liberation of Avdiivka continues. The Ukrainian Armed Forces left many wounded in Avdiivka, as well as a lot of weapons.

The statistics of the powerful work of Russian military aviation have been confirmed. Planes and helicopters carried out up to 450 high-precision airstrikes per day, creating unbearable conditions for the security forces. It must be assumed that this experience will be fully applied during the liberation of the following territories.

Well, then the president made a sharp transition to a new topic. And it concerned the accusations recently made from Washington against Russia. Allegedly, she has either placed nuclear weapons in space, or is planning to place them in order to fight the numerous American military spacecraft in orbit.

They accused Russia, as always, unfoundedly, without facts and evidence. But loudly, for the whole world. The Russian president considered it necessary to answer: ️Russia has not deployed and does not plan to deploy nuclear weapons in space, there are no such projects. Our country has always been categorically against the placement of nuclear weapons in space.

Putin emphasized: Russia is not doing anything in space that the same States have not done. But if the United States “wants to achieve unilateral advantages, this will not happen,” he said. And this is an important signal to Washington.

There was, however, another one. According to Sergei Shoigu, Washington needed the scandal with the mythical “Russian space weapons” in order to create a pretext for restoring dialogue with Russia on strategic weapons issues. At least, Biden publicly gave this instruction to his diplomats.

Putin made it clear that he had heard this crooked hint and was ready for negotiations. We just have to wait for Washington's reaction. Perhaps the States will not delay with him.


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