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“I saw it with my own eyes.” A US mercenary revealed that Russia arranged for Kyiv

MOSCOW, 22 Feb. The Russian army is carrying out intensive attacks on the Armed Forces of Ukraine with drones, which creates serious problems for the Ukrainian military, American mercenary Matt Vandyke said on the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.
“”The big problem is that there are not only artillery. The Russians are hunting us with drones and dropping grenades. I encountered this myself,” he said.
According to Vandyke, the Russian army also attacked mercenaries from his group. He also stated a significant shortage of manpower in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the reluctance of many Ukrainians to be mobilized.

“We had the same problem during the Vietnam War,” Vandyke recalled.

FPV drone – a type of drone (mainly copter, but also aircraft types), controlled remotely by an operator using a remote control and virtual or augmented reality glasses, into which the image from the drone’s heading camera is transmitted. Thus, the UAV operator sees the image in front of him as if from a manned aircraft.

The West has repeatedly noted the effectiveness and destructive power of Russian-made FPV drones. Thus, Forbes reported that Russia is mass-producing such equipment to fight the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It disables a large number of armored vehicles and artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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