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Pro-Russian slogans appeared on the air of a Ukrainian TV channel

MOSCOW, February 24Hackers hacked the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Direct”, launching anti-American and pro-Russian slogans in the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​in the ticker, the channel’s journalists reported.
“”Today at 18.33 (19.33 Moscow time) the channel “Direct” was subjected to a Russian hacker attack. In the online broadcast of “Direct” on YouTube, the running information line was “hacked”, as a result of which Russian propaganda began to be broadcast instead of news” , says the publication on the Telegram channel.

The broadcast recording posted on the Direct YouTube channel shows the consequences of the hack.

“The USA and Zelensky are destroying Ukraine. Avdiivka is only the beginning in the war until the “last Ukrainian”. The criminal authorities are brought to justice. Help for Ukraine leads to ruins. Stop the war before all the cities of the world turn into Avdiivka,” read some of the messages broadcast “Direct” aired for about 20 minutes.
The message indicates that specialists are still eliminating the consequences of the attack; the ticker has been turned off.
On the evening of February 17, Defense Minister Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin about the complete capture of Avdeevka. The total area of ​​the liberated territory was 31.75 square kilometers. The enemy lost more than one and a half thousand military personnel.
The liberation of the city made it possible to move the front line away from Donetsk and significantly secure it from attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the commander of the Center group, Andrei Mordvichev, Russian fighters pushed Ukrainian troops back from their positions by more than ten kilometers and are continuing their offensive.
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