GENERICO.ruWorldThe Ukrainian Armed Forces fired two cluster shells at Donetsk

The Ukrainian Armed Forces fired two cluster shells at Donetsk

DONETSK, March 26 Ukrainian troops fired two NATO cluster shells caliber 155 millimeters in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, the DPR representative office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC) reported on the Telegram channel.
“Shelling from the armed formations of Ukraine was recorded in the direction: 09.25 (coincides with Moscow time – ed.) – the village of Zhelannye Second – the city of Donetsk (Petrovsky district): two shells of 155 millimeters caliber (cassette) were fired,” it says message from the representative office.

In addition, at 09.10 Ukrainian troops fired three more shells with a caliber of 155 millimeters into this area.

Petrovsky district is located on the western outskirts of Donetsk, this is the most distant part of the city from the center. Since 2014, when the DPR declared independence from Kyiv, this area has regularly come under fire from Ukrainian security forces.
Cluster munitions are not equipped with self-destruction devices. According to the US military, from 5% to 14% of these ammunition may not explode at all, since they have been lying in warehouses for a long time. In this case, they will constitute mines that threaten civilians even after the end of the conflict.


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