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“Trump in a skirt”: Marjorie Taylor Greene has become an influential anti-Ukrainian element of the Republicans

“Christian, congresswoman, mother of three”: where did the intractable member of the US House of Representatives come from

Marjorie Taylor Greene for American politics is not just a name, but a whole phenomenon that has firmly merged with the far right wing of the Republican Party. The member of the House of Representatives from Georgia is perceived by Americans not only as a supporter of conspiracy theories, but also as a woman who does not disdain harsh phrases and actions in the public space. Who is she: an ambitious but minor politician or a hidden trump card for the Republicans?

Taylor Greene.

The most obvious thing that can now be remembered about Marjorie Taylor Greene is her vivid response to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, when he (obviously little knowing that there is such a congresswoman in America without complexes) called on the American House of Representatives to approve the allocation of $ 60 billion for the needs of Ukraine.

The Georgia Republican then answered directly and clearly: “I really don’t care what David Cameron wants to say. I think he needs to worry about his country, and frankly, he can kiss my ass.”

This was said, frankly, without a shadow of shame, but this fighting woman once again attracted the attention of the public. But the interesting thing is that Green never learned such shocking behavior anywhere. And she did not become active in politics until 2016.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was born on May 27, 1974 in Georgia. We are not hinting at anything, but if you remember, the Peach State is considered one of the most problematic when it comes to elections. Simply put, this is a swing state where Democrats and Republicans are always fighting to defend their right to dominate.

The girl was the first child of Robert Taylor and Carrie Fidel Bacon. Robert Taylor, a Michigander from a blue-collar family, moved to Georgia and opened a construction company. The mother of the future congresswoman was originally from Milledgeville, which until a certain time was considered the capital of the state of Georgia.

Little Marjorie was a typical child of a small town. Everyone who knew her loved her and spoke well of her at South Forsyth High School, from which the future Republican graduated in 1992.

She never showed signs of interest in political leadership and does not appear to have had any particularly grandiose ambitions. After school, the girl entered a local university, graduating in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Marjorie combined her studies with helping her father in his business. While studying at the university, Marjorie Taylor met her future husband, Perry Green, whom she married a year before graduating. It was then that Marjorie Taylor added her husband’s surname, Green, to her surname.

In 1998, the couple had their first child (there are three of them in total). By the way, in the description of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal telegram channel, three positions (apparently the most important for her) are clearly indicated first: Christian, congresswoman of the 14th district of Georgia, mother of three (with a heart icon).

She and her husband continued to help Robert Taylor run the business. In 2006, Perry Green took over the management of the company. Marjorie Taylor Greene was its chief financial officer from 2007 to 2011.

In 2011, Greene left her post at her father's firm and plunged into the fitness industry. In 2012, he began working as a gym trainer and later co-founded CrossFit Passion in Alpharetta. Around the same time, the first separation from her husband occurred in her life; the couple reconciled only ten years later. However, Perry finally filed for divorce in December 2022, declaring that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

In 2016, Marjorie Taylor Greene sold her stake in CrossFit. And this moment can be called a kind of beginning of the political path of the future congresswoman.

As we can see, until 2016, Greene was not at all passionate or involved in politics. However, the figure of Donald Trump captivated her even then. When the election campaign for the 45th President of the United States began, Greene noted: “He was a person with whom I could communicate. And I thought: finally. Maybe this is someone who will do something about the things that bother me deeply.” It was then that she decided, for the first time in her life, to make a one-time donation to the campaign of the eccentric Donald Trump.

At the same time, the American government began to crack down on fake news that claimed that Russia was allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Greene did not have much confidence in the materials that appeared on CNN or Fox News, for example. She tried to figure it out on her own.

“I started looking for information on the Internet, asking questions, as most people do every day,” Green later admitted. However, her search for answers led her to the QAnon conspiracy community.

Supporters of this political movement are considered almost sectarians in America. In particular, they promote the theory that the United States is ruled by a secret and powerful group of Satanist pedophiles, including leaders of the Democratic Party, businessmen, Hollywood actors, royal families and other celebrities. In all this darkness, mud and fear, Trump is presented as the central positive hero.

Green admitted that she fell in love with this community simply by researching them and participating in their activities. This turned her towards greater political activity. In 2017, she even started blogging on the website AmericanTruthSeekers. By the way, scandalous materials about Hillary Clinton often appeared on this resource.

In 2018, she contributed dozens of stories to the website Law Enforcement Today, which is considered a source of fake news.

Green was a high-ranking official of the conservative group Family America Project, and also moderated a group on a popular social network, whose participants, among other things, made threats death to the Democrats.

In 2019, as a private gun owner (yes, she can still shoot), Greene headed to Washington, where hearings on gun control were held. Time passes, but nothing changes in the problematic issues of the United States, as can be judged now.

The point of her trip there was to express her own opinion on this issue. However, she realized that she was being blatantly ignored. And if so, then here’s a knight’s move: if you don’t want to listen to me as a citizen, then listen to me as a member of Congress.

The menacing stride of a strong woman in Congress

In May 2019, Marjorie Taylor Greene filed to run in the Republican primary in Georgia's home 6th Congressional District. The district was a swing district in the highly competitive 2020 election cycle, and Republicans were eager to avoid a messy primary.

House Freedom Caucus members have pushed Greene to run in Georgia's heavily conservative 14th Congressional District, according to US Press. , whose representative did not even seek re-election.

During this campaign, Greene used the ample opportunity she had to demonstrate her support for QAnon and even then attracted audiences with posts on social networks that were quite controversial for American politicians. In general, a lot was said. Because she opposes gun control, the future congresswoman has argued that mass school shootings over the years were “false flag operations.”

She has, to put it mildly, been sympathetic to conspiracy theories about events of September 11, 2001.

A little later, during speeches in the House of Representatives, she tried to prove that she had no ties to QAnon, that September 11 “really happened,” and in general: she and conspiracy theories are incompatible.

However, no one saw the repentance expected from her. On the contrary, she tried to shame her colleagues for angry expressions addressed to her and subtly hinted to them about possible problems in the future: “Those who are trying to condemn me and crucify me in the public square for the words that I said and which I regret are entering into dangerous political territory that will haunt them if the Republicans regain the majority.”

She remained true to her conservative beliefs during the campaign, however, and her passionate willingness to challenge the Republican establishment was highly valued by Georgians.< /p>

Greene's first swearing-in to the House of Representatives occurred in January 2021. She appeared at the lower house of the US Congress wearing a black mask with the inscription “Trump won.” At this point it becomes clear that the congresswoman actively supports the Trumpists’ idea that it was not Joe Biden who won the 2020 presidential election. A position that in America is also considered extremist. But Green, in fact, didn’t give a damn what others thought.

The American press emphasized that in the first months of her stay in Congress, Greene did little to make friends. She often came into conflict with her fellow legislators (both Republicans and Democrats). She found herself sidelined from most congressional business. It was this breakwater woman who objected to one vote after another, not only blocking the progress of certain bills, but also forcing her colleagues from both parties to lock down their positions and open their votes to scrutiny.

You will be surprised, but she turned out to be a force to be reckoned with. Learn, girls, as they say! Unencumbered by committee assignments, she appeared at rallies and conferences, where her claims of election fraud helped bolster her appeal as a populist. She collected millions of dollars in donations from individual donors. Only three of the 212 Republican members of the House of Representatives beat her in fundraising, although she received no money from corporate donors.

By the way, at some point her Twitter account was blocked (allegedly, fake information about COVID and vaccination was distributed there). Symbolically, Elon Musk personally restored Green’s account along with the account of her idol, Donald Trump.

In general, this admirable woman began to represent a rather powerful and, by the way, influential part of the Republican base. The then Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, began meeting regularly with the congresswoman, inviting her to political meetings to hear her opinion on important issues. He understood that many voters and donors across the country shared her views.

Significantly, Greene was re-elected to her position in a landslide in the 2022 midterm elections. When other populists tried to deprive McCarthy of the speakership, Marjorie Taylor Greene supported him. For this, McCarthy rewarded Greene with seats on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee.

After she won the 2020 Republican primary runoff, Greene wrote, “The GOP establishment, the media, and the radical left have spent months and millions of dollars attacking me.” In voicing her support for Trump, Greene announced her intention to push her party further to the right.

Greene is unequivocally opposed to abortion, calling it “the worst scar a woman will have for the rest of her life.” She also claimed that Plan B contraception (emergency contraception, which is widely available in most Western countries) “kills the baby in the womb.” Some argue with the congresswoman, arguing that they prevent ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy altogether.

She actively opposed vaccinations during the rampant COVID and wrote that “children should not wear masks.” She called these demands, which were developed by the country's democratic authorities, “tyrannical control.”

As efforts to create vaccine passports began to move forward in the United States, Greene called the plan “the mark of the beast of Biden” (a subtle reference to the Revelations of John).

Greene has been fined repeatedly for refusing to wear a mask. And in one of the podcasts, she called Nancy Pelosi “mentally ill” and noted that Pelosi’s demand for members of the lower house of Congress to wear masks until they all prove that they have been vaccinated is “exactly the same type of violence as the way Jews were imprisoned onto trains and sent to gas chambers in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.”

Greene believes that the United States should work primarily for its own well-being. She opposed American intervention in foreign military conflicts. I immediately remember how Greene vehemently criticizes the Biden administration’s position on the Ukrainian conflict. She opposes arms supplies to Kyiv, and once even called Ukraine the 51st state of the United States, since the Americans actually finance the budget of Independence: “By the way, we also finance their budget. Did you know about this? We finance the budget of Ukraine – $11.8 billion is allocated in the form of budget support. The question is: Is Ukraine now the 51st US state? And what position does Zelensky hold in our government? This is outrageous, and the American people deserve answers.”

It was Greene who not only initiated the Biden impeachment process, but also insisted on an audit of funds allocated to Ukraine. And generally speaking! Green is convinced that Washington should stop supporting Kyiv altogether.

Marjorie Taylor Greene even managed to gain the status of almost a pro-Kremlin agent for, for example, the following statements: “The intelligence community is lying that Russia and Putin are going to take over Europe. If this were so, then he would have conducted much more aggressive military actions.”

Or this: “Because of our own overconfidence and the “fight to save democracy” in Ukraine, which is not a NATO member, Russia, under the burden of heavy sanctions, is proving to the world that they do not need American dollars or friendship to trade and prosper.” She also emphasized that “new alliances” are being formed between Russia, China, Iran and many other countries.

If Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, Marjorie Taylor Greene is being considered as a possible candidate for vice president. The duet would be perfect. Greene is basically Trump in a skirt. She is charming, emotional and certainly managed to win not only status in political circles, but also the support of voters.

Woman lover Donald Trump also takes a serious look at Marjorie Taylor Greene, appreciating her. So, in 2021, at one of his rallies, Trump literally showered Green with praise, calling her “one of his favorite people”: “She is a brilliant woman, she doesn’t get credit for that. But we all know about it.”

The congresswoman herself is aware that her name appears on the list of possible US vice presidents: “This is often talked about, and I know that my name is on the list, but in fact, my main focus right now is serving the district that elected me.”

And let's be honest. Already now, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the most popular and certainly many times more attractive than the current Vice President Kamala Harris.

However, choosing Greene as vice president means making it clear not only to the United States, but to the whole world that now the far-right Republicans will move not only their party, but their entire country to the right. And this will be a really new – extreme – chapter in the history of America, which can certainly redraw the usual political map of the country.


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