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The court returned the lawsuit to the activist offended by Kharlamov’s content

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MOSCOW, April 1 The Lublinsky court of Moscow returned the claim to the head of the religious group “Brotherhood of Morozov-Zlatoust” Alexander Morozov, in which he asked to block the YouTube channel of comedian Garik Kharlamov because of content that offended him, follows from the card index of the Lublin Court of Moscow.
It states that the application was returned to the applicant due to non-compliance with the requirements of the procedural law.

Morozov appealed this decision.

The Moscow City Court reported that the court will consider his private complaint against Kharlamov and Google LLC and VKontakte LLC, which are also listed among the defendants. The court hearing is scheduled for April 4.
In the lawsuit, Morozov indicated that “the defendants are undermining traditional cultural, religious, historical values”, asked to oblige the defendants to block the YouTube channel and page on VKontakte, remove controversial publications, make a written apology and oblige Kharlamov to read out 6 times publicly and out loud the court decision made in the case, the interlocutor added.
Members of the religious brotherhood have been suing famous people from show business for several years with similar claims. Thus, blogger Anastasia Ivleeva, football coach Leonid Slutsky, comedians Ruslan Bely* and Alexey Shcherbakov and others were listed as defendants in the lawsuits. Almost all claims were rejected by the courts, but there were also those that the appellate instance returned back to the district courts for reconsideration due to identified violations.
* Individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent.


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