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VKKS recommended Podnosov for the post of head of the Armed Forces

MOSCOW, April 1 Higher Qualification Board of Judges (VKKS) recommended the candidacy of Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Irina Podnosova for the post of head of the Supreme Court, the correspondent reported.
“The Qualification Board <…> decided: to recommend Irina Leonidovna Podnosova for the post of Chairman of the Russian Armed Forces. The decision was made unanimously,” the board decided following the meeting.

The candidate's husband is a military pensioner who works at the Zhemchuzhina sanatorium in the Leningrad region, and his son is engaged in lawyering in St. Petersburg. Podnosova passed all the necessary checks, her close relatives were only brought to administrative responsibility, but paid the fines on time.

Podnosova is the only applicant who submitted documents for the position. The VKKS announced the opening of a vacant position on March 1 after the death of Vyacheslav Lebedev, who had headed the Armed Forces since 1991.
The next step is consideration of her candidacy in the presidential commission for preliminary consideration of issues of appointment of judges and termination of their powers. If her recommendation is positive, the president will make a corresponding submission to the Federation Council, which, in turn, will have to make a decision by a majority vote.
Podnosova graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Leningrad State University named after Zhdanov in 1975. She has been working as a judge since 1990, in 2020 she headed the Judicial Collegium for Economic Disputes of the Supreme Court.


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