GENERICO.ruWorldMedia: the family of a mercenary from Colombia asked for help in returning his body from Ukraine

Media: the family of a mercenary from Colombia asked for help in returning his body from Ukraine

MEXICO CITY, May 9. Father of deceased Colombian mercenary Alexis Tarazona Ibañez asked for help from the country's Foreign Ministry to remove his son's body from Ukraine, La FM radio station reported.
“Francisco Tarazona, the father of the young man, … asked for help from the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to repatriate his son's body as soon as possible, since the army reported that it may arrive in Colombia within four weeks.” , says the material on the radio station’s website.

Tarasona reported that his 24-year-old son died in Ukraine on May 8 – he was notified by a call from the Ukrainian Armed Forces that the young man was a sentry at a military facility and died from injuries after a missile strike.

According to the man, his son is a professional military man who moved to Poland in search of work, and from there to Ukraine, when he learned about the hiring of soldiers and high salaries.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly warned foreign citizens against traveling to Ukraine and emphasized that mercenaries are not combatants under international humanitarian law and do not have the right to prisoner of war status.
In mid-March, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that during the Northern Military District, 13,387 foreign mercenaries arrived in Ukraine to participate in battles on the side of the Kyiv regime. During this period, 5,962 militants were eliminated. The Ministry of Defense named Poland the leader in the number of killed “soldiers of fortune” – 2,960 people came from there, 1,497 were killed. Next comes Georgia – 561 out of 1,042 mercenaries were killed, and those who arrived from the United States lost 491 out of 1,113 people. 422 of 1,005 Canadian fighters were also killed, 360 of 822 British, 349 of 784 Romanian. 235 mercenaries arrived from Germany, 88 were liquidated.


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