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Rostelecom called achieving technological sovereignty real

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MOSCOW, May 11. Russia's technological sovereignty will be a reality, the results of the work already done inspire optimism, Rostelecom head Mikhail Oseevsky told reporters.
“Today we have no doubt that technological sovereignty will be a reality, since the results of the overall work inspire optimism. All these results and groundwork were made possible thanks to the effective support of the Russian government, which always responds to requests from the industry and knows our specifics very well,” – said Oseevsky.

He noted that in recent years a lot has been done to digitalize Russia, all sectors of the economy and the social sphere. The “public services” portal, according to Oseevsky, has become “an indispensable assistant for almost all citizens,” demonstrating the importance of digitalization and the ability to receive government services remotely.
“”With the connection via an underwater fiber-optic communication line of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, now 100% of Russian regions are provided with ultra-high-speed data transmission channels. We have completed connecting all socially important institutions, including schools and medical facilities, to the high-speed Internet. We continue to successfully implement the project to eliminate the digital divide – connect small settlements where from 100 to 500 people live, and almost 5 thousand villages have already received modern mobile communications and fast Internet,” said the president of Rostelecom.
With the start of the special operation, Russian companies faced the need to maintain stability and quality of services in conditions of isolation from global vendors, to carry out a rapid transition to autonomous development of the industry, import substitution, and also to achieve technological sovereignty. Oseevsky noted that in the conditions of the “unleashed cyber war”, effective protection was built and the stability of the digital infrastructure was ensured. And industrial competence centers for mobile and fixed communications, created at the initiative of the government, helped to quickly establish the development, production and implementation of domestic equipment and software, he added.
“”There are still a huge number of the most ambitious tasks for the country's digital development ahead. There is a team spirit, working mechanisms have been created, strategic (until 2030) and tactical steps have been defined, and it is extremely important for us to preserve and increase all this. We will continue to work together with the government, it is necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the industry in the interests of the country, its economy, the social sphere and every citizen of Russia,” concluded Oseevsky.


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