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Threats did not influence the decision to come to Donbass, the Zapashny brothers said

LUGANSK, May 19. People's Artists of Russia Edgard and Askold Zapashny stated that they were threatened more than once , but this, like the danger of shelling, did not influence the decision of the circus troupe to come to Donbass.
The Zapashny brothers brought the performance “I100RIYA” to Lugansk as part of the tour of the “Big Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue”. The premiere of the performance was sold out. All proceeds will go to the needs of the Lugansk Circus.

“Yes, we know the degree of risk, yes, we understand the degree of responsibility. Yes, we understand the degree of attention that is now being paid to us personally with my brother, and now to our entire team, I mean from the Ukrainian side. threats are coming, but despite all this pressure, we still came here. And I will say, in the literal sense of the word, that I am already sad that we will have to say goodbye to this public for a while,” commented Edgard Zapashny on the Ukrainian threats. .

Askold Zapashny added that, despite the danger, the entire team wanted to go on tour to Lugansk. “We, naturally, as leaders, as organizers, had to ask our artists… Each director with his artists in his specific act, genre, came to the director, and they were asked. Anyone could refuse absolutely. That is, it was of their own free will So, everyone rolled their eyes and said, “What does it mean to refuse? We want! We wanted to remind ourselves, be sure to take us!” Many, by the way, were upset who couldn’t come,” he said.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces repeatedly struck social facilities and cultural places in the special operation zone. Thus, as a result of shelling on November 19, 2023 in Donbass, Russian actress and theater director Polina Menshikh was killed.


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