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Everything failed. American media admitted the inconvenient truth about Russia

MOSCOW, May 22. Attempts by the United States of America attempts to control Russia's nuclear arsenal have failed, writes The New York Times.
“”For many years, American policymakers have been concerned about Russia's huge arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, but attempts to bring them under diplomatic control have failed amid increasingly widespread weakening of Cold War nuclear arms control treaties,” the article says.

Journalists also noted that Russia began exercises with nuclear weapons amid statements from Western countries that Kiev’s allies could send their troops to Ukraine due to the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

On the eve of the Ministry of Defense reported that, on instructions from the President, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces began preparations for holding exercises in the near future with missile formations of the Southern Military District with the involvement of aviation and the Navy, the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons. The exercise is aimed, among other things, at unconditionally ensuring the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Russia in response to provocative statements and threats by individual Western officials.


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