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The expert assessed the possibility of legalizing “white” hackers

MOSCOW, May 25. The potential adoption of a bill on the legalization of “white hat” hackers could expand the number of hacking options for attackers, said the President of InfoWatch Group of Companies, Chairman of the Board of ARPP Domestic Software “Natalia Kasperskaya.
According to the bill, which was introduced to the State Duma in December, such hackers must inform the copyright holder about identified vulnerabilities within five working days from the date of their discovery, except in cases where it was not possible to establish his location, place of residence or address for correspondence. The document states that the adoption of the bill will allow vulnerability analysis in any form, without the permission of the copyright holders of the relevant program, including the copyright holders of infrastructure and borrowed components.

The authors of the bill – representatives of the Digital Russia party project Anton Nemkin, Gennady Panin, Igor Markov and the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Vyacheslav Petrov and Anton Tkachev – propose to make a number of amendments to Article 1280 of Part Four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation .

“The adoption of a law on “white hat hackers” is an unjustified risk, since hypothetically the law could seriously expand the possibilities for hacking,” Kasperskaya said, adding that instead of passing the bill, a contract could be concluded with a person who will gain access to classified company information. Having specified the working conditions in the contract in advance.
She added that as justification for the adoption of the bill, the authors say that “white hat” hackers may supposedly be subject to criminal liability, but even “black” hackers are rarely subject to the article. The expert believes that the real reason for the adoption of the bill is the introduction of a mandatory check for the security of a computer system. However, if it is “imposed”, then the qualifications of the people who conduct such an analysis will fall, since the country does not have such a number of highly qualified specialists in this field.


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