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She didn’t want to “die” gracefully: why Sasha Boykova started playing the bitch


A new player has burst into the sports media space – European champion in pair skating Alexandra Boykova, who revealed details the lives of skaters in an unexpectedly frank interview. Sport understands the nature of the courage of an athlete.

Started off as a Chekhov-Turgenev young lady
The skaters of the Tutberidze group are usually as restrained as possible in their words. No provocative confessions – just a verified, respectable image. It is unlikely that Eteri Georgievna herself has any influence on this. Rather, the athletes accept an unspoken offer, since from the moment they appear at Khrustalny, double attention has been focused on them, and in addition to their own reputation, they are also responsible for the reputation of the coach. Headlines like “Tutberidze’s student swore in mixed doubles” are unlikely to benefit anyone, and no one will figure out that the swear word came out by accident when the hero was accidentally doused with hot tea.

In general, after Boykova/Kozlovsky left Tamara Moskvina for the Tutberidze group, it seemed that we had lost promising bright speakers. If earlier they allowed themselves to manifest themselves at least around sports – throwing away accreditations, shouting “get in line” and simply non-verbally demonstrating their ambitions, now everything had to come down to “we are fighting with ourselves, thanks to our coaches, we are generally happy with the performance, but we can do better.”

And then Boykova showed a unique example. Once – she came to the podcast alone, although all journalists know that sports couples go everywhere together, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of this sometimes extra “+1”. Two – she was not afraid to answer non-trivial questions where it was necessary to reason and share personal stories. Three – reasoning and personal stories really sounded! Although she could go into her usual self-portrait of a Chekhov-Turgenev young lady who faints at the word “cowards.”

Sasha answered the question about the stereotype about stupid athletes, and about personal relationships in a couple, and even remembered a funny thing from the European Championships in Graz, when she had to finish training with her pants bursting at the seam.

«< br>“We go to the first training session, where all the judges are sitting, and there is the world arena, of course. On the very first element I fall. And I’m like: oh well. Then my partner says: your pants have burst on your butt. And I understand, that this is the only time, excuse me, I went out without panties and my pants came apart right at the seam,” Boykova said in an interview with the Match-point YouTube channel.

Self-presentation planted by Moskvina
It’s generally not very common to share such things in figure skating – it’s something deeply personal, like vomiting before a start due to nerves or the peculiarities of training during menstruation. Everyone knows that this happens, but they prefer not to tell outsiders.

Sasha Boykova is the heiress of the St. Petersburg school of figure skating. She first skated with Oleg Tataurov and Alexei Mishin, who in 2015 sent the textured girl from singles to pairs skating. Sasha was taken by a young coach, Arthur Minchuk, who works for Tamara Moskvina. So, Sasha has always considered this “Petersburgness”, aka subtlety and intelligence, to be her strength. While others were posting TikTok-style videos and photos in swimsuits, she was photographing books and writing about walks around St. Petersburg.

But partly this self-presentation, as it now seems, was implanted in Sasha by the influence of Moskvina and was finally formed when Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov settled in their group. The competition between the pairs increased sharply; it was necessary to stand out with something not only on the ice, but also off it. Nastya Mishina is an exemplary athlete, a kind of girl from Soviet posters – a Komsomol member, partisan and activist. And he and Sasha Gallyamov select programs primarily in this style. Not love and passion, but how a man and a woman, friends and business partners, walk hand in hand towards a bright future.

Against this background, Sasha Boykova clearly wanted to seem more sensual and decadent. Hence the provocative outfits with deep necklines at federation events, the search for style with a touch of sexuality in ice suits. And, accordingly, a claim to intellectuality. With all this, Sasha clearly did not want to simply “die” beautifully on the ice, as a true decadent would want. She has a great internal demand for victories and recognition. Only it was as if it was impossible to talk about this out loud – in a group with all sides positive Moskvina, it was immodest to be an upstart. And against the backdrop of the relatively self-possessed Mishina, it’s somehow not comme il faut to seem like a bitch.

So Sasha (like her partner Dima Kozlovsky) could only say what was needed and what was expected of them. And only during emotional outbursts should she broadcast her true feelings, and then receive condemnation from the fan community for this.

With Eteri Tutberidze joining the group, paradoxically, Sasha became bolder and more open. She has matured, gone through a lot and distanced herself from her once most important authority. Considering that the first year was an adaptation year, serious results of these changes can be seen in the next season. It is always interesting to observe such a personal transformation.


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