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How to help the liver: advice from a nutritionist

Best protection & # 8212; moderate alcohol consumption.

Let's be honest: even nutritionists, with all their rich knowledge base about its dangers, sometimes drink a little alcohol. p>

Julia Healthblog in her Instagram admitted that she rarely drinks – and only on some holidays: birthdays, New Year, March 8, but always prepares for alcohol in advance.

& # 171; I usually drink no more than two glasses of wine, but I prepare thoroughly, and you know why? I have genetic mutations to detoxify the liver and I am very careful about this system so that it works correctly! occur in 60% of the population. Julia told how she prepares for the party and how she helps the liver after it.

How to prepare for an alcoholic party

  • On the morning of the 31st, I drink Enterosgel, 40 minutes before breakfast.
  • Breakfast. A high dose of Vitamin D 10,000 is mandatory.
  • 1.5 hours after breakfast, NAC or ACC (supports the detox phase).
  • At every meal until 19:00 I drink a Hepabene capsule (any choleretic).
  • For each glass of alcohol – one glass of water is obligatory.
  • I never drink on an empty stomach, only after a meal.

How help the liver after the party

And here is the nutritionist's plan for January 1:

  • Morning: Polysorb or Enterosgel.
  • Day: Vitamin C.
  • NAC or ACC .
  • Evening: Magnesium.
  • And a lot of water throughout the day.
  • Also on the 2nd and 3rd numbers I often support myself and my loved ones with Stimol, this is my must-have .

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