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Scientists have assessed the danger of the omicron strain

Omicron LONDON Jan 2 Research by scientists at the University of Liverpool suggests that the strain omicron is more contagious, but its clinical consequences are less dangerous, follows from the preprint of the study published on the BioRxiv platform. Scientists note that at the moment the main question that needs to be answered is the severity of the disease caused by the omicron strain, according to To answer this question, biologists at the University of Liverpool infected experimental mice with variants of Pango B, omicron, and delta. The study showed that mice infected with omicron had less severe clinical consequences compared with animals that were infected with Pango B and delta variants. In addition, they recovered faster, and the content of the virus, both in the upper and lower parts of the respiratory system, was less in mice infected with omicron. Scientists believe that the antigenic variant of omicron from previous variants of COVID-19 means the need for a change in existing vaccines to mitigate the negative impact of the highly transmissible variant. “However, this measure may be too late to contain the spread of omicron. Results from animal studies suggest that the clinical consequences of infection “omicron” is less severe, but its high transmissibility can put a strain on the healthcare system, even if a smaller proportion of infected patients are hospitalized, “the article says. Scientists have evaluated the effect of” omicron “on the lungs


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