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The British made fun of Biden who threatened Russia

MOSCOW, 2 Jan. The British tabloid The Daily Mail published an article dedicated to the comment of US President Joe Biden on the past telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin and Biden had a telephone conversation on Friday night, it lasted 50 minutes. According to the Kremlin, the American president has threatened “large-scale sanctions” over the situation with Ukraine. The Russian president responded by saying that this would be a major mistake: in this case, a complete break in relations could follow. As the American leader later said during a conversation with reporters, during the conversation he “made it clear” to his Russian colleague about the inadmissibility of an “invasion” of Ukraine and threatened with a “high price” in case of “aggression.” “Important action”: the Kremlin disclosed the content of Putin's conversation with Biden the world leader is not afraid of Biden. Everyone laughs at him behind closed doors and nobody takes him seriously. He is not fit to run a bathhouse, let alone a country, “BigBlueBill said.” Biden is not respected on the world stage. He has difficulty speaking. You will not see Biden in a live debate, any questions not foreseen in the script will make him silent or mumble inaudible, “says Tfck.” Considering that this is the guy who thought he was running for the Senate, not for the presidency, I can imagine how Putin laughed, “- TD5555 mocked.” Joe capitulated in Kabul and left a stockpile of weapons for the Taliban * (under UN sanctions for terrorist activities) “, – remind l Wokemadness. Recently, the West has spoken more often about Russia's plans to “invade” Ukraine, accusing the country of pulling troops to the border with a neighboring state. In response, the Kremlin emphasizes that Moscow does not threaten anyone and does not intend to attack anyone, but moves the Armed Forces at its own place and at its discretion. According to the Russian authorities, such attacks are used as an excuse to deploy more NATO forces near the country's borders. As Putin previously emphasized, further eastward expansion of NATO and the deployment of offensive weapons on Ukrainian territory and in countries adjacent to Russia are red lines for Moscow. * The organization is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities. The State Department announced NATO's readiness for a meaningful dialogue with Russia


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