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The French admired Putin's New Year speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his New Year address to Russians MOSCOW, 2 Jan. Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro are actively discussing Vladimir Putin's New Year address to the Russians. Users were attracted by the phrase of the Russian leader about “firm and consistent upholding of national interests, the security of the country and citizens.” Putin acts from a position of strength: the media appreciated the conversation between the heads of Russia and the US “NATO wants to have fun, so it tickles the Russian bear, breaking its red lines, but the consequences of this will be dire,” Yolanta is convinced.

& # 34; I think Putin an outstanding politician who restored the status of Russia, making it a key player on the world stage & lt; … & gt; I think my comment will be deleted, because it does not correspond to the opinion of the editors of Le Figaro & # 34 ;, – wrote Latude.

One of the users tried to refute the words of the Russian president about the protection of citizens, but another reader objected to him under the nickname PASCAL RENDU. “Russians they themselves vote for him. Moderators should delete the comments of the trolls, “he concluded. The presidents of Russia and the United States held a telephone conversation on the night of December 31. According to the Kremlin, Joe Biden has threatened “massive sanctions” over the situation with Ukraine. Vladimir Putin responded by saying that it would be a big mistake: in this case, a complete rupture of relations between the countries could follow. Former US Ambassadors urge Biden to publish a list of sanctions against Russia


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