GENERICO.ruWorldAt least 17 people killed in clashes in Colombia

At least 17 people killed in clashes in Colombia

View of Bogota. Archival photo BOGOTA, Jan 3 At least 17 people have died in the Colombian department of Arauca on the Venezuelan border in clashes between former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Army fighters (ANO), the head of the municipality of Arauquita, Etelivar Torres, said in an interview with Caracol Televisión. According to the official, the information was learned from local residents, but it has not yet received official confirmation. Clashes were also reported from the municipalities of Saravena, Fortul and Tama. Torres called on President Ivan Duque, the ombudsman's office and human rights defenders in the region to intervene and end the violence. The channel's interlocutor warned that hundreds of people are already planning to move from their homes after these killings. ANO, as well as illegal groups from among the former members of the FARC, are active on the border of Colombia and Venezuela, the total length of which is more than 2.2 thousand kilometers. Colombian authorities have named those responsible for the explosions at the airport


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