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Biologist explained whether to be afraid of “omicron” after “delta”

Medical worker. Archival photo MOSCOW, 3 Jan. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University Ancha Baranova said in an interview with that immunity from the delta strain of coronavirus weakly protects against the omicron. As the specialist explained, these two variations of the virus are too are different, which excludes the displacement of one strain by another. “The immunity against the delta weakly protects against the omicron, as well as the omicron immunity against the delta. This suggests that two resistant virus lines are being formed, two strains that will torment humanity at the same time”, – quotes the publication Baranova. According to the biologist, such a situation can lead to waves in antiphase, when the dominant strain becomes either omicron or delta. “Suppose they occur with a frequency of once a year, so that the immune system has time to weaken a little. And we may well come to a situation that two vaccinations will be needed – one against the omicron, the other against the delta, “Baranova suggested. those with delta are still able to withstand the omicron, but weakly. The World Health Organization at the end of November classified a new variant of the coronavirus discovered in South Africa as causing concern. Strain B.1.1.529 WHO named the Greek letter “omicron”.


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