GENERICO.ruWorldThe deputy called the statement of the "nuclear five" a political oath of Hippocrates

The deputy called the statement of the “nuclear five” a political oath of Hippocrates

State Duma Deputy Adalbi Shkhagoshev MOSCOW, Jan 3 The statement of the countries of the “nuclear five” can be called the political oath of Hippocrates, since it emphasizes the provision of world security, Russia occupies a leading position in this matter, Adalbi Shkhagoshev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, told RIA Novosti. Leaders of Russia, China, Great Britain, France and The United States issued a joint statement on the prevention of war between the countries possessing nuclear weapons, the text of the document was published on the Kremlin website on Monday. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the statement of the “nuclear five” was prepared on the Russian initiative. The leaders of the countries of the “nuclear five” made a general statement on security “It is today that the proposals with which Russia has been coming out to its Western (and not only Western) partners for the last year or two are being put into practice. This is like the political Hippocratic oath – the document that we now see. We and the whole world are very well aware of what a nuclear war is, where there can be no winners, it is self-destruction of global significance, “Shkhagoshev emphasized. The politician noted the role of Russia in ensuring a dialogue on world security,” and pragmatic approaches of the intention to “show the whole world the importance of this collective cooperation.” Russia is now becoming the initiator of all serious topics that relate, in one way or another, to global security … Vladimir Putin said that the permanent members of the Security Council (UN) – those countries that we are talking about now bear historical responsibility for what is happening around the world, for global security, “Shkhagoshev added. The parliamentarian also stressed the relevance of the issue within the framework of building up nuclear potential by different countries, therefore, in his words,” Russia remains the leader in matters of ensuring world security “.


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