GENERICO.ruWorldThe expert named possible schemes of fraud during the New Year holidays

The expert named possible schemes of fraud during the New Year holidays

A girl with a smartphone and a bank card. Archival photo MOSCOW, January 3 Alexey Sizov, head of the anti-fraud department at Jet Infosystems, told Sputnik radio what types of fraud Russians might face on New Year's holidays. , impersonate Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens. The expert called fake online sites for the sale of gifts a “classic” scheme of cybercriminals. “During the New Year holidays, the classic variant of fraud is phishing sites that copy the original sites where people prefer to buy gifts. There is also a large number of sites offering to buy electronics and other expensive goods under New Year's promotions, the purpose of which is to cheat: the goods are not delivered, and the funds are simply transferred to accounts controlled by the scammers, “Sizov said. Taking advantage of the fact that Russians make a large number of purchases on holidays, they receive many SMS notifications about transactions and lose their vigilance, scammers more often attack the accounts of bank clients, the expert continued. Fraudsters have come up with a fraudulent scheme with fake New Year's sweepstakes “During the holidays, some SMS notifications (about the state of the bank account. – Ed.), Given the fact that a large number of purchases are made, can be missed, people are less vigilant. Therefore, during New Year's time, scammers do not rest, but increase their activity, attacking specific clients (banks. – Ed.), “Sizov said. According to him, on New Year's holidays, attackers also impersonate Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens in order to commit burglaries.” There will probably be frosts, this is an inevitable evil. But today there is a sufficient number of services in large cities that allow, if necessary, to find Santa Claus with good recommendations. Since these sites have existed for more than one year, they take care of their reputation and try to cut off potential fraudsters, “noted Sizov. A large the amount stolen by the fraudster


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