GENERICO.ruWorldThe Ministry of Defense of South Korea commented on the incident with the escaped to the DPRK

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea commented on the incident with the escaped to the DPRK

Situation on the border of North and South Korea. Archive photo MOSCOW, Jan. 3 The man who escaped to the DPRK from South Korea is believed to be a North Korean who had previously crossed the border and got to the South, according to Yonghap, citing the South Korean Defense Ministry. that an unidentified man crossed barriers in eastern Gangwon Province on Saturday and fled the South for North Korea. His identity was not disclosed. “Regarding the border crossing, the authorities assume that this person is a defector from North Korea, they are checking the relevant facts,” Yenhap quoted the Defense Ministry as saying. It is noted that this defector from the DPRK, according to media reports, in November 2020 year overcame the barriers at the border and entered the territory of South Korea. After that, he worked in the South as a janitor, which, according to the agency, suggests that he may have encountered economic difficulties. Unknown escaped from South Korea to the DPRKLater, the Yenhap news agency reported that the military analyzed the CCTV footage and installed it. that in two situations the same person crossed the border – it is known that he is about 30 years old. “According to the records, it was established that this is the same defector, so we can call him the same person,” – said who wished to remain anonymous A source in the Ministry of Defense. On Sunday morning, the South Korean military sent the DPRK a notification of the incident via the eastern military inter-Korean communication line. According to Renhap news agency, on Monday the North Korean military replied that they had received messages from the South Korean side “about crossing the border.” However, they did not respond to a request for “protection” of the defector, the report said.


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