GENERICO.ruWorldThe State Duma called on to remove the graves of the leaders of the USSR from Red Square

The State Duma called on to remove the graves of the leaders of the USSR from Red Square

The Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. Archival photo MOSCOW, January 3 State Duma Vice-Speaker Boris Chernyshov (LDPR) proposed to remove from Red Square the memorial cemetery, where prominent figures of the USSR are buried, as well as to remove Lenin's body from the Mausoleum. He spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

& # 34; All this (burials. – Approx. Ed.) Is possible, but not on Red Square, because it is blasphemous, not in the place where the ice rink and shopping arcades are deployed, where people celebrate the New Year, walk, come from regions & # 34 ;, – Chernyshov believes.

According to him, the LDPR faction submitted to the State Duma several bills on this topic. I'm talking about Lenin. For a long time already, Red Square should be freed from this complex of burials, “the parliamentarian added. The Russian Orthodox Church told when it would be possible to bury Lenin He called it “mockery of people.” “Moreover, Lenin never wanted to be exhibited as a mummy that now lies in the center of Moscow & lt; … & gt; time for the leader of all times and peoples (Stalin. – Ed. approx.), the leader of the proletariat (Lenin. – Ed. approx.) – they all together finally find their peace with all the necessary attributes “, – concluded Chernyshov .Necropolis near the Kremlin wall – a memorial cemetery, the burial place of military and political leaders of the Soviet state. The wall contains urns with the ashes of revolutionaries, military leaders, foreign communists, outstanding pilots, prominent scientists, and dead cosmonauts. The tombs of Joseph Stalin, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Mikhail Kalinin, Andrey Zhdanov, Kliment Voroshilov, Semyon Budyonny, Mikhail Suslov, Leonid Brezhnev and others are located next to the Lenin Mausoleum. New details of the murder of the royal family revealed


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