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Climatologist told what the weather will be like in 2022

Snow. Archive photo MOSCOW, Jan. 4 The weather in Russia in 2022 is expected to be as “nervous” as in 2021. How this can be expressed, Alexey Kokorin, director of the Climate and Energy program of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Russia, told Sputnik radio. The processes taking place in the Pacific Ocean will lead to the fact that the temperature in the world in 2022 will be lower than in 2020, and about the same as in 2021, he said. affects the climate. – Ed.), which means that an increased flow of heat will be directed from the atmosphere to the ocean, “predicts Kokorin. In 2022, the inhabitants of the Earth will face anomalous temperature changes and uneven precipitation in different periods year, the expert continued. unstable and nervous weather. That is, sharp changes in temperature in 2022 will continue, as well as large-scale precipitation or their anomalous absence, “said Kokorin. Over time, La Niña will be replaced by another period – El Niño, when the ocean surface warms up and the climate becomes warmer, added In general, due to global climate change, a slow increase in air temperature will be observed in the next decades, the climatologist concluded. seas


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