GENERICO.ruWorldFive for one. The USA came up with an "original format" for a meeting with Putin

Five for one. The USA came up with an “original format” for a meeting with Putin

MOSCOW, Jan 4 To resolve the internal and external political problems of the United States, a council should be convened, consisting of the predecessors of the current head of the White House. This idea was put forward by a senior adviser to the Atlantic Council in Washington, Harlan Ullman, in an article for The Hill. “Suppose a council of former presidents will be convened at Camp David for a long time. Jimmy Carter may not be present due to his age. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump together represent 32 years of presidential experience. & Lt; … & gt; The same idea should be extended to joint meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, “the expert said. A former Pentagon adviser told how Putin “saw through” Biden, In his opinion, the main task of the council is to find a compromise that meets the interests of all parties. Uhlman noted that the US political system is in crisis due to what he says is outdated constitution 18 century. Amendments to the main document is impossible due to the peculiarities of the bipartisan system, the author added. “It would be the strangest meeting. But given the serious nature of our crisis, what is the alternative?” – concluded Ulman. Europeans were dissatisfied with the format of negotiations between Putin and Biden Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden held a telephone conversation on the night of December 31. According to the Kremlin, the head of the White House has threatened “large-scale sanctions” over the situation with Ukraine. The Russian leader responded by saying that it would be a big mistake: in this case, a complete breakdown in relations could follow. Several events are also planned for the new year: on January 10, negotiations with the United States on security guarantees will be held, on January 12, Russian consultations with NATO, and on the next day, a meeting of representatives from Moscow and the OSCE is scheduled.


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