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Foreign Ministry calls Mali's assistance in the fight against terrorism a field for cooperation

Director of the Africa Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vsevolod Tkachenko MOSCOW, January 4 Russia stands for comprehensive assistance to Mali in the fight against terrorism, in this matter there is a field for cooperation, and not for criticism from Paris, Vsevolod Tkachenko, director of the Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Mali, which “is in a very difficult situation, was provided with all possible assistance in the fight against terrorism and strengthening state stability.” Tkachenko noted that Mali is undergoing serious trials, a number of territories are actually not under the control of the government, therefore the fight against terrorism for Mali is a very difficult and difficult process, and in this matter the authorities of the African country “want to rely on those who want and can help them.” . Mali can cooperate with any partners, the Foreign Ministry said, “France is conducting a long-term Operation Barkhan there, but recently Paris began to reconfigure its mission, which caused an ambiguous reaction from the Malians, who felt that this would create a kind of vacuum in We understand their desire to find additional partners in order to help them in this struggle. And it seems to us that here, rather, a field for cooperation, rather than for some kind of diving and criticism, “- explained Tkachenko. Sergei Lavrov said earlier that accusations against Russia of sending mercenaries to Mali are groundless. According to him, Moscow has explained to its French colleagues what cooperation it has with Mali in the military sphere. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Mali Foreign Minister Abdoulay Diop also stated that the anti-Russian media campaign about the work of private security companies from the Russian Federation in Mali is aimed at disrupting cooperation between the two countries. Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of the military presence of the Russian Federation in various African countries, in particular, the Kremlin stated that there were no representatives of the Russian armed forces on the territory of Mali. When asked whether the Mali Defense Minister raised the issue of military assistance during his visit to Russia, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov replied that Moscow maintains contacts, including through the military, with many countries, including the states of the African continent. In addition, Moscow has repeatedly stated that the country's authorities have nothing to do with the work of private security companies.


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