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In Kazakhstan, for the third day in a row, protesters are going to rallies due to rising gas prices. There are detainees

In Kazakhstan, for the third day in a row, protesters go to rallies due to the rise in gas prices. This was reported by Radio Azattyk *.

Photo: “Sputnik Kazakhstan”

On January 4, in Nur-Sultan, the police detained at least three people near the city akimat – the supposed location rally. Sputnik Kazakhstan reports that about 5,000 people attended the rally in Aktau. They demand to reduce the price of gas to 50 tenge per liter, solve the problem of unemployment and reduce food prices.

According to Radio Azattyk, there are four police cars near the capital's akimat, and mobile Internet does not work in the region. In Almaty, security forces blocked Republic Square and restricted mobile communications. In Shymkent, police detained more than ten people near the akimat building. Several protesters in Almaty were arrested for 15 days.

Screenshot: Mangistau Live/YouTube

On the night of January 4, protesters in Aktau set up a yurt in the colors of the Russian flag and a tent on Yntymak Square in front of the akimat building. They called for the resignation of the current government. On videos published on social networks from the square, you can hear people chanting “Shal, ket!” (“Old man, go away!”). According to the KazTAG agency, the police pushed back the protesters and took them into the ring.



As a sign of support, workers at three oil and gas fields went on strike – Kalamkas and Karazhanbas in the Mangistau region, as well as Tengiz in the Atyrau region. The shift workers left their workplaces on foot due to the lack of public transport, and a caravan of volunteers headed towards them.

Amid the protests, Qazaq Oil announced the possible introduction of fuel limits. “Despite the sharply increased demand for liquefied gas, Qazaq Oil undertakes to fully fulfill its obligations to corporate clients, selling gas using coupons and fuel cards within the established price. Due to limited reserves, it is possible to introduce limits on the supply of fuel to individuals, “its representatives said.

President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced that the government commission” on the problem in the interests of stability in the country “has begun work.

Earlier, the president said that he had instructed the government to urgently consider the situation in Zhanaozen” with taking into account economic feasibility, in the legal field ”. “The demonstrators must not disturb public order. & lt; … & gt; Citizens have the right to publicly express their demands on local and central authorities, but this should be done in accordance with the legislation, in particular, with the law on peaceful assemblies, ”he added.


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