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The dog handler told what happens if you ride the dog on a sled

East European Shepherd Dog and East Siberian Laika walking in the woods. Archive photo MOSCOW, January 4 President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev, in an interview with RIA Novosti, urged not to ride dogs on sleds and tubing.

& # 34; Such entertainment is completely unsuitable for dogs. I urge you not to risk the health of your four-legged friend, it may result in serious injury or death of the dog. It is better to take your pet for a walk in the snowy forest, so you will have a good time without risking the health of the animal & # 34; – he said.

According to the dog handler, due to the slippery coating, tubing can not only develop high speed, but also twist around its axis. “At high speed, it is not easy to control them even for an adult, sometimes it is simply impossible to stop such a” cheesecake “. makes it impossible to navigate in space. Thus, this fun turns into a dangerous attraction for a dog, “Golubev added. The expert noted that no pet wants to play such games of its own accord. During such entertainment, the animal will experience severe stress, which can affect its further behavior. In addition, when it comes to regular sleds, the dog has no way to keep itself in them, so it can easily fly out when moving, the dog handler said. Cynologist told what delicacy to cook for a dog for the New Year, Golubev added that it may be funny for some to watch how a dog crawls out of a snowdrift if thrown there. He also warned against such actions – this can result in hypothermia and great stress for the pet. The expert noted that it is never known exactly what is hidden behind the fluffy snow, and an unsuccessful landing on a foreign object hidden under the snow is fraught with injuries. In addition, due to an unsuccessful joke, a dog may develop a fear of walking, especially near snowy drifts. Any stressful situations can further cause destructive behavior in the pet. “If you want an active holiday with your dog, then take a closer look at winter sports with a dog: dog sled racing, skijoring, canicross … The best leisure time for a dog is walking together and playing active games. , and not extreme sledding from the mountain, it is important for dog breeders to remember this and choose such entertainment that will appeal not only to him, but also to his pet “, – concluded Golubev. Cynologist named the most popular dog breeds among Russians in 2021


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