GENERICO.ruWorldThe expert has revealed a secret way to save smartphone battery

The expert has revealed a secret way to save smartphone battery

A smartphone with a charger. Archive photo MOSCOW, Jan 4 Many applications can run in the background and use the smartphone's charge even at night. There are several functions that help to direct the battery consumption only to the necessary processes, the associate professor of the Department of Informatics of the PRUE G.V. Plekhanova Alexander Timofeev. “Sometimes we want the battery to go only to the application we need or the process in memory and the radio module responsible for receiving calls. For example, the WakeLocks function can significantly save battery power, but even here it is difficult to stop the most active applications”, – Timofeev said. In addition, almost all smartphones now have the “Smart Mode” function, which allows you to enable the adaptive format of the device, and a special power saving mode is available for the Iphone, which can add two to three hours of operation, Timofeev noted. with a system failure, the expert advises to “calibrate” the battery through the combination * # 9900 #. Changing the smartphone theme to a darker one will also help to extend the battery life by 40-45 percent, the expert added. How to save a smartphone after falling into a snowdrift


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