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Roscosmos proposed to provide the Earth with electricity from space

MOSCOW, Jan 5 The Roscosmos company has developed a project for a promising space power plant that will transfer solar energy from space to Earth. This is reported by Russian Space Systems (RKS, part of Roskosmos). “The development will provide regular supply of alternative electricity to remote – island, mountain and northern – areas of the Earth, regardless of weather conditions and time of day, and will also allow the transfer of energy to other spacecraft – for “scheduled recharging” and in case of emergencies, “- says the release. The power plant complex will consist of two parts: space and ground. In space, there will be a transmitting module – an unmanned spacecraft with an area of ​​70 square meters. It will accumulate the energy of the Sun and transmit it to the Earth. A receiving module will be located on the surface – a system of antennas that receive solar energy through a laser channel, transform and distribute it. The transmission of energy from the station to the Earth is possible with minimal losses, while solar panels located in space are many times more energy efficient than the fact that work on Earth, according to RKS. Roskomos appreciated the success of the GLONASS system for eight years “In outer space, the efficiency of using solar energy is ten times higher. It can be converted into a laser beam and transmitted to Earth with minimal energy loss & lt; … & gt; This development is an excellent alternative to thermonuclear energy “, – said Maria Barkova, a research engineer of the RCS advanced equipment development department. The space power plant is planned to be equipped with a control device that will allow for a balanced distribution of energy, as well as a buffer for accumulation of surpluses. It is planned to place such power plants in sun-synchronous orbits with inclination of 82, 90 and 98 degrees. Accurate aiming of the laser beam on the mobile ground rectennas will be provided by a synchronizing software package. It was previously reported that the experiment on wireless power transmission using laser radiation was included in the scientific research program on the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Physicists for the first time got matter from pure energy


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