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Steam Awards 2021: the best games of the year named

Ideal for winter break.

Annual vote from Steam users determined favorites of gamers in a number of nominations, not without some unexpected results, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

Traditionally for this time, Valve summed up the results of the past year, distributing the opinion of platform users, projects of 2021.

Game of the Year – Resident Evil Village

The continuation marks the victory in the main nomination cult franchise from CAPCOM. Lady Dimitrescu and other colorful characters from the bizarre hinterland did not leave gamers indifferent, and, coupled with great gameplay and an interesting, intricate plot, they definitely deserved this award.

Game of the Year in VR – Cooking Simulator VR

Obviously, there are many gamers among gamers who have not realized themselves in cooking. How else to explain the insane interest and love for the cooking simulator, albeit in augmented reality.

Favorite child – Terraria

The nomination, intended for a game that developers never tire of updating and maintaining, could have won No Man's Sky, whose history of rehabilitation in the eyes of the community will soon be included in the textbooks, but gamers chose a long-term construction from indie developers from Re-Logic and our language will not turn to say that it happened undeservedly.

A friend is known in the game – It Takes Two

Are extra words needed here? We think not. But an additional gamepad for your friend would not hurt, because this game is worth completing, but you can't do it alone.

Outstanding visual style – Forza Horizon 5

While fans of the sequels Little Nightmares and Psychonauts may have comments about the results, they can't help but agree that the scenic views of Mexico are simply brilliant. So much so that sometimes you still have doubts about the game or just watching the next episode of the Grand Tour or the classic Top Gear, perhaps this also played a role in the decision of users.

Most innovative gameplay – Deathloop

Who would have thought that over and over again you can do essentially the same thing in so many ways and they will all be different, but at the same time remain fun? That's the same.

Best soundtrack – Marvel & # 8217; s Guardians of the Galaxy

To be honest, our editors had no doubts about it. Dive into the adventures of Star-Lord and company on your own and you will understand why.

The best game that you are not given – Nioh 2

Difficult but awesome. This is what most users think about Nioh 2.

Sit back – Farming Simulator 22

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a farmer? And escape from the bustle of the city somewhere to the beautiful countryside? This game is able to satisfy both of these desires and relax every cell of your body, but do not forget to keep an eye on the clock, because time flies by the farmer's affairs.

The best game with an outstanding storyline – Cyberpunk 2077

Suddenly, it seemed to be among the winners would be a failed game from CD Projekt Red. But we have to admit that this is deservedly so, because despite the technical condition and a number of other problems, the plot in Cyberpunk 2077 is really at its best.

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