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Suspended Prosecutor General of Moldova extended the term of judicial control

Building of the General Prosecutor's Office of Moldova in Chisinau CHISINAU, January 4 The Chisinau court decided to extend judicial control for the removed Prosecutor General of Moldova Alexander Stoyanoglo for another 30 days, said prosecutor Victor Furtune. On October 5, the Supreme Council of Prosecutors of Moldova decided to remove Stoyanoglo from his post, on the same day he was detained for 72 hours. Stoyanoglo himself called his detention “revenge on the part of the president.” On October 8, he was transferred to house arrest for 30 days, accused of passive corruption, abuse of power, abuse of office, as well as the indication of false data in the declarations. On November 3, the term of his arrest was extended for 30 days, then for another 20 days, on December 9, Stoyanoglo was transferred under judicial control. Moldovan oligarch Plahotniuc was charged with a new charge “The Chisinau court left Alexander Stoyanoglo under judicial control for another 30 days. The request of the prosecutor's office was partially satisfied (they asked to extend it for 60 days – ed.), So the verdict will be appealed in the Appeals Chamber,” Furtune told reporters. In August, the Moldovan parliament adopted in the final reading amendments to the law on the prosecutor's office, which simplify the procedure for the resignation of the prosecutor general if he does not cope with his duties. Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova criticized this bill, because it believes that politicians want to influence the independence of prosecutors in this way. The country's constitutional court recognized the amendments as legal. Earlier, Moldovan legislation provided that the prosecutor general is appointed for seven years, he could be dismissed if he joined a political party, hid his income or could not perform duties for health reasons. The new rules make it possible to initiate a disciplinary review against the Attorney General, as well as annually assess his performance. If the results of the checks are unsatisfactory, the Prosecutor General may be dismissed.


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