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People's deputies propose to introduce penalty points for traffic violations

Penalty points will be canceled after 365 days.

MPs from faction & # 171; Servant of the people & # 187; submitted to the Rada a bill that provides for the accrual of penalty points for violation of traffic rules. The document is registered on the parliament's website under the number 6502, reports with reference to

The draft stipulates that violations of the rules will be assessed in the range of one to five penalty points. When & # 171; accumulates & # 187; 12 points, the driver's license will be suspended. For those who have been driving for less than a year, such a sanction is introduced after eight points.

Penalty points will be ranked according to the violation. Thus, one point is used to assess the incorrect use of seat belts and non-observance of the rules for transporting children.

Two points are provided for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h, violation of the rules for crossing intersections, overtaking, public transport stops, non-observance of the distance, use driving a mobile phone.

Three points must be awarded for exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h, not allowing an ambulance, firefighters, and police vehicles to pass. Such an accrual is also provided for exceeding the number of passengers in route transport.

Five points – for escaping from the scene of an accident, violation of the rules for traveling through the railway, as well as for improper use of light and sound signals.

The driver can challenge the suspension of the driver's license in court, but during the consideration of the case he does not drive will be able.

The fine for driving after exceeding the permissible number of penalty points will be UAH 3,400.

The penalty points will be canceled after 365 days.

bill № 6214, which wants to deprive a driver's license for speeding more than 50 km/h. Now the Code of Administrative Violations of Ukraine provides for punishment for speeding by 20 or 50 km/h, regardless of where the violation was recorded – in the settlement or outside it. The amount of the fine is UAH 340.

Ukraine has also made changes to the registration of car rights. Now additional marks will be put on the driver's license – for example, about driving a car or a driver's medical certificate.


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