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The State Duma urged Ukrainians not to be afraid that Russia will leave

Distribution of humanitarian aid to local residents on Victory Square in Melitopol. Archival photoSIMFEROPOL, Mar 6 Russian State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet urged the citizens of Ukraine not to be afraid that Russia will leave and to start actively resisting Nazi groups. “Citizens of Ukraine today are worried and afraid that Russia will leave “, and they will have to continue to live with the nationalists who will return to their cities and villages. Do not worry. Russia will do everything so that there is no trace of the boots of the nationalists in Ukraine. Therefore, do not be afraid, it's time to start actively resisting the Nazi groups. It's time to jointly liberate territory of our friendly and once free Ukraine,” Sheremet told RIA Novosti. Ukraine early in the morning on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.” To this end, according to him, it is planned to carry out “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine” bloody crimes against civilians” of Donbass. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces strike only at military infrastructure and Ukrainian troops, nothing threatens the civilian population. With the support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and LPR groups are developing an offensive. But the occupation of Ukraine is out of the question, the Russian President emphasized.The development of the situation is in the online report >>Group of DPR and LPR troops continues offensive


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