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The Vatican spoke about the true purpose of the West in Ukraine

AFU soldiers near KievMOSCOW, 7 Mar. Vatican diplomat and former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Carlo Maria Viganò issued a statement in which he called NATO and EU interference in Ukrainian politics illegitimate and criticized the Western approach to censorship, which, according to him, buried reality under a pile of fakes.” the impression that the Biden administration, as well as NATO and the EU in general, deliberately want to maintain a situation of apparent imbalance and make impossible any attempt at a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis,” he said.“US leaders are stupid”. Why Trump Supported Russia and Attacked Biden The representative of the Vatican also pointed to the desire of the West to establish their own rules in Ukraine. At the same time, he acknowledged that Kiev is getting away with a lot — for example, the persecution of the Russian-speaking population in the country, the organization of laboratories under the auspices of the Pentagon, and attacks on those who disagree with the current Ukrainian authorities. “Let the Ukrainians look at what happened to the countries of the European Union: <…> prosperous and independent nations, different in their ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious specifics, turned into a shapeless mass of people without ideals, without hope, without faith”, the archbishop mused. In his publication, Viganò concluded that the clash between Russia and Ukraine could ultimately turn out to be a Western trap, which was prepared not only for Moscow and Kyiv, but also for European states.Ukraine is turning into Somalia


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