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Kazakhstan spoke about the work of a laboratory built with US support

LabNUR-SULTAN, Mar 10 The United States belongs to Kazakhstan and works in its interests, said Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Mukhtar Tleuberdi. “As you know, we have a reference laboratory in Almaty, this laboratory was built on a grant, funds and equipment were provided by the United States. But this The laboratory has been completely handed over to the government of Kazakhstan, now Kazakhstan is carrying out its research and scientific developments in this laboratory,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a government meeting. The Foreign Minister assured that American or other scientists from third countries “do not conduct any developments there.” “And, as you know, thanks to the presence of this laboratory, our vaccine against the QazVac coronavirus was developed,” Tleuberdi added. Earlier, the chief state sanitary doctor of the republic, Zhandarbek Bekshin, reported that the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) built in Alma-Ata at the expense of the United States for research on especially dangerous pathogens is an exclusively civilian facility, and Kazakhstani specialists work in it. The Russian media have suggested that the CRL built in Alma-Ata is one of the “military biological facilities” that the United States is building along the perimeter of Russia's borders and which can be used for military purposes. The laboratory was built on the territory of the Kazakh Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections (KNTsKZI), which has been operating since 1948. The Kazakh authorities have previously reported that the buildings, laboratories and equipment of the KSCKZI are already outdated and the transfer of “museum strains” to a “unique protected building”, which is resistant to an earthquake of 9 points, will only increase the institute's safety for the population.The Embassy urged the United States to curtail work in the field of military biology


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