GENERICO.ruWorldThere are no sanctions on the export of Kazakh oil, the Ministry of Energy of the country said

There are no sanctions on the export of Kazakh oil, the Ministry of Energy of the country said

Oil rocker. File photoALMA-ATA, Mar 10Kazakhstan is not facing any restrictions or sanctions on oil exports, and transportation through Russia is proceeding normally, Energy Minister Bulat Akchulakov told reporters.

"There are no barriers, any refusals or sanctions in relation to Kazakh oil, everything is working as usual. We are constantly monitoring the situation", Akchulakov told reporters on Thursday on the sidelines of the government.

According to him, Kazakhstan is considering various routes for oil exports, but at present there is no need to adjust the existing routes that run through the territory of Russia. “It is clear that various options are being considered, export routes. There are no sanctions yet, so we are not looking at redirect the volumes somewhere. We will work as we agreed, in the normal mode through (oil pipelines – ed.) CPC, Atyrau-Samara,” the minister said.The expert said what will happen to the economy with oil at $300 per barrelUS President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a decree banning energy supplies from the Russian Federation and new investments in the Russian energy sector. A significant amount of Kazakhstani oil is exported through oil pipelines that run through the territory of the Russian Federation, including CPC and Astra-Samara. The US Treasury explained that the US ban on oil imports from the Russian Federation will not apply to raw materials exported through the CPC oil pipeline, since this pipeline system makes it possible to separately account for raw materials from various sources. The CPC oil pipeline system is the largest route for transporting oil from the Caspian region to world markets. The main pipeline with a length of 1.5 thousand kilometers connects the fields of Western Kazakhstan with the Russian coast of the Black Sea. Among the largest shareholders of the company are the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium.


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